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The “titre-service” explained….

The “titre-service” is a system that is subsidized by the Federal Government, which allows individuals to hire a housekeeper from an accredited company for household chores, inside or outside the home.
Because of the subsidies from the Government, a “titre-service” costs a non-professional individual 7.50 €, less after tax deduction.
In addition, Social Security gives 105 “titres-service” to young mothers who are independent workers and want to resume their professional activity.
There are two ways of using “titres-service”:  electronic “titres-service” or paper “titres-service”.

Paper "service voucher"

You just need to give a whole “titre-service” (including stub) to the employee for every hour he/she worked. Prior to this you need to clearly fill in the “titre-service”, in black or dark blue ink, and sign it. You must specify the date and the type of activity performed (tick the appropriate box). Please see below.


If you wish, you can use a break down sheet that the employee signs for receipt of the “titres-services”. It is available on your personnel space, where you can download it.


Possible additional costs, such as transportation, are payable “the normal way” (not with “titres-service”)



Electronic “service voucher”:

To use electronic “titres-service” you need to have a phone or a cell phone that can be used by the housekeeping employee. A PC and internet connection are useful but not necessary.


At the end of any given assignment, the employee confirms its completion by using your phone or cell phone, via an Interactive Vocal Server (paid by Sodexo). The server is accessible 24/7 and allows the employee to report his/her hours to his/her employer (the accredited company) in a chosen national language.


The employee enters his/her personal access code (given by the accredited company – the employer), the type of activity performed, the number of working hours and the job’s code. At the end of the report, the employee will hear a break down of his/her entry and can then confirm, or not.  The Interactive Vocal Server automatically records the date of the job.


Once the employee has confirmed, the information pertaining to the assignment are available on the accredited company’s secure extranet website.